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Mossamo so the legend began: the club rocking, dance floor poppin, fine lady loving Italian MC that delivers banging party tracks mangled against hard hitting club grooves…Some say success is judged by the percentage of ladies who immediately hop in the Jacuzzi. With these tight, RnB-style harmonies and sexed-up bass lines, here's to guessing that number is consistently high.

Sample taken from Hit magazine

MossamoTake a look into the story of Mossamo.

Like every artist with potential and considerable talents, this Canadian born musician and entrepreneur has more than paid his dues, survived some hard times, honed his skill and most importantly, over the past nine years carved a niche with his skill and style, allowing his music and message to be heard. As with most, if not all, creative performers, bringing all the components and variables necessary to take ones music to another level, are finally together, and Mossamo’s music library is ready to expand full throttle. With a resume that has already seen the smooth and elegant emcee get solid attention with his 4 album releases: Strictly A Class, Hit and Run, Shorty Rock wit ME, and Dance Floor Virginz, which have been selling strong numbers via the net through CD BABY and all other digital distribution channels onto the world wide market. Add that to being nominated for two international awards for best Hip hop Album (Strictly A Class), and best Hip hop song (Mo Love), next song writing for artist in other countries, T.V and film placements, and numerous radio tracks being added to commercial radio. This matched with many live shows and countless nights of rocking the M.I.C at jam-packed nightclubs, constantly winning over the crowd, which was there more times than not to douse the new entertainers fire or reduce him to clone status which lead to opening spots for Ashanti, Snoop Dogg, Coolio, Ice-T, and Young MC, as well as an appearance on Much Music.

With his goal of sharing his vision and his life passion through the beauty of his music, Mossamo’s time has finally come to take all those experiences and use them on a level that only a few can do. Mossamo has met every challenge thrown his way, learned from them and has never taken his sight off the one goal of becoming a better artist with ever day that goes by and sharing his passion with the listener to make each day just a little brighter.

At this point Mossamo’s main goal is a simple one, to have all the people who need to hear his music be able to hear it, and hopefully day by day add a simple smile to as many face’s as possible …as he understands his music has the power to do that!


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