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Hard at work

In the studio presently recording 7 songs with 3 different producers, as well we are currently working on 3 new videos

Its going to be HOTStudio pimpin


Hot Chocolate Ft. Brooke Nolan

Best Music VideoWhat can u say about this track, its not usually what we do, but when you get off stage at 3 in the morning and have been heavily indulged in after hour activities, then find yourself in the studio with an idea...lets make a dance track a dope dance track at that...well this is what happened, and in the end we won an award!!

Check out this music video featuring Brooke Nolan.

DOWNLOAD HOT CHOCOLATE FOR FREE: (Right-click, hitt "Save As...")


Tom.e aka Tom.e cousinz


Our journey began back in the day at a Naughty By Nature concert, where we were in a freestyle circle together. There were maybe 10 or so emcee's and T was just killing all that stepped into the ring... at that time I just held my ground and as they say game recognized game. At that point we linked and started making moves daily to get our hustle out.

Doing it his way...more of Tom.e 's hustle to come...

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